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Core Web Vitals Optimization

Core Web Vitals optimization for Wordpress websites and e-commerce with Theme builder (Divi, Elementor, Oxygen..)

Optimize Core Web Vitals Wordpress with Theme Builder (Divi, Elementor, Thrive, Oxygen, Brizy, Beaver Builder..)

As announced by Google during developer I/O 2021,theMUM algorithm has changed the rules of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in many ways. One of them is that SEO best practices (which will continue to remain so) are no longer enough to make a difference in ranking. Between you and your competitors, for the same keywords, only the one who will have the best Core Web Vitals Scorewill be successful at the ranking level.

Core Web Vitals are signals that include different metrics, all concerning the User Experience; from the speed of the site,to the security,to the ease of interaction and the stability of the contents.

If you have a website on CMS(Wordpress)with a Theme Builder,you will have noticed how difficult it is to achieve a good optimization score.

Thankfully, today you can count on two powerful tools.

Core Web Vitals Concierge

Leave it to us; we have already optimized dozens of websites and e-commerce in Divi, Elementor and all the other main theme builders, reaching in our properties a score with GTMetrix greenlight signals on all parameters. If you are not a developer and your company needs to resolve the issue quickly, this is the best choice.

Read the guide

After so much effort and hours spent trying to solve the not difficult problem in question, we decided to write a suitable guide for most of the casi (each different plugin, theme and website require different optimizations, but this guide will help everyone to pre-split). In this way you can try to do it yourself, without hiring Fuel LAB.

What are Core Web Vitals?

As you can read more in depth in our article that includes a video webinar (Italian only)by Bruce
(the %22father of SEO%22), Core Web Vitals are a series of web signals that measure the User Experience on your website. The three you see here on the side are those considered by Google for ranking (but there are others, which all together contribute to the optimization score).


Largest Contentful Paint

An important portion of the page that represents the main element for the human being. It can be a section in the header, an image, or something else. Your website must render LCP in less than 2.5 seconds.


First Input Delay

Measure how long it takes before your interactive forms (Time to Interactive) actually become usable by the user. You must get a score equal to or less than 100 milliseconds.


Cumulative Layout Shift

As it loads, the page must not %22dance%22 and have a stable layout; no asynchronous rendering of resources, and no tricks to make the user click something he didn’t want to click. You must get less than 0.1 as a score.

Why is my site so slow?
Under the hood of your website is much more than you think.

Theme builders and plugins add a significant amount of bloat codes , HTTP requests, Javascript, Jquery and confusion in your Database. All these things that happen %22under the hood%22 of the website are %22Render Blocking%22 so they cause the loading time to increase. Marketing Tags also slow down the website. There’s a lot more to say though, and there are various ways you can optimize asset rendering. If you want, consider booking a session Fuel LAB Coaching !

Choose the solution that best suits you.

Solve your Ranking problem before your competitors do. Just do a search for %22Core Web Vitals%22 on Google to see how many ads there are already on the subject.