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GDPR compliance : need to configure your marketing efforts according to the current European regulations on privacy and data management? Get help from Fuel LAB.

Why is it necessary to comply with the GDPR?

Websites and apps must always comply with certain obligations imposed by law. Lack of GDPR compliance , in fact, entails the risk of huge penalties.

For this reason we have chosen to rely on iubenda, acompany composed of both legal and technical figures, specialized in this sector. Together with iubenda, of which we are Certified Partners, we have developed a proposal to offer all our customers a simple and safe solution to the need for legal adjustment.



It’s really very easy, with Iubenda. If you want, by clicking on the button below you can access the 10% discount reserved for Fuel LAB referrals, and you can do everything yourself.

The main legal requirements for website and app owners

Privacy and Cookie Policy

The law obliges every site / app that collects data to inform users through a privacy and cookie policy.

The privacy policy must contain some fundamental elements, including:

  • the types of personal data processed;
  • the legal bases of the processing;
  • the purposes and methods of processing;
  • the subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated;
  • any transfer of data outside the European Union;
  • the rights of the interested party;
  • the identification details of the owner.

The cookie policy describes in particular the different types of cookies installed through the site, any third parties to which these cookies refer – including a link to the respective documents and opt-out forms – and the purposes of the processing.

Can’t we use a generic document?
It is not possible to use generic documents as the information must describe in detail the data processing carried out by your site / app, also listing all the third-party technologies used (e.g. Facebook Like buttons or Google Maps maps).

What if my site doesn’t process any data?
It is very difficult for your site not to process any data. In fact, a simple contact form or a traffic analysis system such as Google Analytics are enough to trigger the obligation to prepare and show an information.

How we can help you
(or as you can do on your own, with

Thanks to our partnership with iubenda, we can help you configure everything you need to bring your site/app up to standard. iubenda is in fact the simplest, most complete and professional solution to comply with regulations.

Why entrust your Compliance with privacy obligations to us?

With Fuel Lab, you have a helpful and reliable partner who will take care of nurturing your business strategy and your Data Science. We follow our customers step by step, and aim to create solid relationships.


Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

With the iubenda Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator we can prepare for you a personalized information for your website or app. iubenda’s policies are generated by drawing on a database of clauses drafted and continuously reviewed by an international team of lawyers.


Cookie Solution

The Cookie Solution is a complete system to comply with the Cookie Law through the display of a cookie banner on the first visit of each user, the preparation of a preventive blocking system for profiling cookies and the collection of a valid consent to the installation of cookies by the user.


Consent Solution

The Consent Solution allows the collection and storage of unequivocal evidence of consent under the GDPR whenever a user fills out a form on your website or app, and to document California users’ opt-out requests in accordance with the CCPA.

Terms and Conditions Generator

With the iubenda Terms and Conditions Generator we can prepare for you a customized Terms and Conditions document for your website or app. iubenda’s Terms and Conditions are generated from a database of clauses drafted and continuously reviewed by an international team of lawyers.

Free Consultation

Write to us to receive detailed information on your case, and if you need help, remember that we are also available to bring your Apps, subdomains and any web properties up to standard.