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Fuel Lab Studio specializes in Precision Digital Marketing, with a particular emphasis on Healthcare Marketing.

Find out why you need an HealthCare Marketing expert.

Healthcare Marketing: the right Digital Marketing for Healthcare

How important is it for you, the Patient?

Exact. The patient is fundamental. Fuel Lab knows that to gain the trust of the patient, you must first communicate in the right way, making him feel understood but above all respected. That’s why our Marketing is different.

We are not doctors, but we have perfected Digital Health Marketing following great Professors such as Stefano Zanasi and Gabriele Antonini, up to the realities of the Dental sector and Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Thanks to the innovative Conversion Engine, jealously guarded by our SEO expert, we are able to inject more than 5,000 keys per topic.

With a comprehensive study of keywords, and using the latest technologies in terms of transparent and legal tracking of user behavior, we are able to distribute your budget on targeted ads.

Personalized reports thanks to Fuel LAB Analytics,data study and continuous adaptation of the Strategy based on the response of the public. In this way the choices will be based on scientific data,and not on mere impressions or ideas.

The image,in the Healthcare sector, is fundamental as the patient is not a doctor. To rely on your care, he will need to feel in the right hands based on the assessment tools he has.

Multimedia Content for Healthcare Marketing

In healthcare, content is even more important than it is generally in marketing.

The patient, in fact, does not have scientific evaluation tools and is not part of the Order of Doctors or of any scientific community (except in exceptional cases, of course). As a result, when evaluating a clinic, it is based on two things: the popularity and reputation of doctors and the facility itself, and that the way these entities present themselves are in line with desired quality expectations.

How does that work?

The most common packages

The Digital Marketing Plan

The Precision Digital Marketing plan is the main product; a manual with all the analysis of the Digital situation between tactics, social networks, website and competition, and strategic guidance on how to start your project


Corporate Training

We can train your staff, so that you can carry out the Digital Marketing of your business independently. So you can also take advantage of the Tax Benefits and Depreciation provided for the Digitization of companies.



Inbound Marketing

The Digital Marketing par excellence, the most awarded by the industry benchmarks. Treat the patient as a person and putting their interests and experience at the center of your mission, on every business plan. Turnover will be a mere consequence of providing the patient with what he really needs, in addition to the performance.

Comprehensive Consulting

The best choice. Fuel Lab Studio will draw up the Complete Digital Marketing plan and you will have four dedicated professionals who will work full-time on your project, for its entire duration until the goal is reached.


If it all seems very complicated and you do not know Digital Marketing, take advantage of a free Call! We will explain everything to you without obligation, lowering the example in your daily reality.

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With Fuel Lab you have a reliable and dedicated partner who supports you in building the strategy for the future of your business. Contact us without obligation and find out how we have already met the needs of other clinics in the sector.


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